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War command full crack download
Type:Free Authorize:game Language:English Size:3317 MB Version:zip System:Win7/Vista/Win2003/WinXP Download Grade:★★★★☆ Release Time:2013-08-27 Downloads:124 Add
Game Description
The name of the game: War command
English Name: Order of War
Game design:
Game: Square Enix
Language: English game
Type: real-time strategy game
Release date: September 22, 2009Order of war download area
Order of war strategy.[instructions]Unzip the package 1
2 recommended by Daemon the latest version of Tools installed the game loading mirror
3 after the completion of the installation from the mirror copy patch to the game installation directory.
4 the running game![game]"War command" developed by is famous for its development strategy game SQUARE ENIX America executive Changshan the pure (John Yamamoto) said, "war" SQUARE ENIX command provides a new opportunity to enter the game type is very popular this, with excellent quality, realistic combat game screen and loyal to the historical features such as real-time strategy game player, want to attract any love war type.The story is set in the Second World War II is being performed in 1944, the Allied and German in the European campaign as the subject, game player can experience the war epic battles in the game, including the western, Eastern two front, show a massive battlefield fun; when the game player to choose two different battle mode, will have complete different story lines, task, goal and the game scenes.Game player can consist of more than 1000 soldiers, tanks, armored vehicles, air units, to experience the unique perspective of dynamic game, allows the game player can through large-scale map range to control the army, to master the game situation. The game also has a multiplayer deathmatch mode, etc..[] configuration requirementsThe proposed allocation
Windows ® Vista operating system
More than 3.2 GHz processor DUO
Memory above 2 GB
512MB NVIDIA GeForce 9800 graphics card
DirectX ® DirectX ®: 8.1
10 GB hard disk space
DirectX compatible sound card sound cardMinimum configuration
Windows ® XP SP2 operating system
Processor 3 GHz, DUO 2 GHz above
Memory 2 GB
256MB NVIDIA GeForce 7600 graphics card
DirectX ® 8.1 compatible sound card sound card
The remaining 10 GB hard disk[game]
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