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The Emperor: Dragon Rising download crack
Type:Free Authorize:game Language:English Size:811 MB Version:zip System:Win7/Vista/Win2003/WinXP Download Grade:★★★★☆ Release Time:2014-01-22 Downloads:331 Add
Game Description
The name of the game: the Emperor: Dragon Rising
English Name: Emperor Rise of the Middle Kingdom
Game design: BreakAway Games
Issue: Ogilvy electronic game
Languages: Simplified Chinese game
Genre: Strategy[instructions]1 Daemon tools loading em-fof.cue and follow the installation wizard is installed,
Install the CD KEY serial number:Click to enter
2 running the game (need to load the image).Through the Win XP SP3 above[game]The Impressions name to like strategy management class game player, it is said of sb.'s name name. They developed the "Caesar" series, let us remember, "Pharaoh" and "Cleopatra" and let us enjoy a taste of the ancient Egyptian civilization mysterious radiance. Of course, they may not only continues today will ignore the four big civilization in China, so the Emperor: "China's rise" emerge as the times require!Starting from a unique perspective"Emperor" and "civilization" is different is its unique perspective, although the "emperor" is a fusion of politics, economy, military strategy game, but the "emperor" is based on the choice of the construction of every hue to cut into the broad and profound Chinese civilization!The vast Chinese civilization in the process of culture for thousands of years, leaving the treasure of countless bright, grand construction is undoubtedly the most direct expression carrier of Chinese civilization. To from the Warring States period has been to the Great Wall built in the Ming Dynasty, that is still the world's longest canal and the Grande Canale, and then to the alarming scale of Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor; small to the Imperial Palace in front of the table of every hue, the lions, the Chinese civilization architectural features in this game is the most incisive. In the game's missions, game player will play a city leader, to lead the people from Neolithic Xia Dynasty has been developed to the song dynasty. Many famous buildings will be born in the one one game player's hand, this kind of satisfaction is always our experience is also in the "city" is not to simulate!Not the stereotype of historyA historical game, there are a lot of game player is the first thought -- rigor. But the problem is not considered in the context of Impressions. With the game director Ed Beech's words, "the history teachers may find many building fundamental game not a product of two thousand years ago, but they must be very happy with this game allow students to experience the unique charm of Chinese culture, history of four thousand years of experience in china." The game beginning from Neolithic Xia Dynasty (about 2100 BC). The game will take you through six campaigns, including business, Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui, Tang and the seven dynasties. Intrusion until Mongolia Khan Gen Gi Khan (1211 ad).Yes, the game just considering the management and construction of pleasure, and not to be very accurate historical background. However, this is not what we need?Feng Shui"Feng Shui" is a Chinese word, we always give it too much superstition means, this is on the contrary game developer gives us an almost scientific answer -- Reconstruction of environment science.In the game, our architectural thinking is the ancient "harmony", that is to say, imitation of ancient Chinese city architecture pattern. Let me illustrate it, if your city in the ancient city of Changan pattern construction, do a city within a city, zygomorphic, road transit has caused, so at the end of the task, you can get very high "Feng Shui". Of course, copy it and not to want you to rigid all this, how to maximize the according to Feng Shui to co-ordinate arrangements for your city, so as to protect the people live and work in peace, and he can be beautiful, it will be clever game player you, spend a little time to build your idea of a city.Heavenly stems and earthly branches, religion and strong Chinese flavorIn order to create a strong Chinese color game, game designers spent a lot of thought in some detail."Emperor" the game according to our twelve zodiac, so that each game player in the game begin their own zodiac, of course, this arrangement is not only is a decoration. The game will be in accordance with your zodiac, after each one of you this animal year to game player to different reward. For example, if the game player choice sheep in the twelve zodiac, so every twelve years the year of the goat, your city will get elements and that day (wood, fire, earth, gold or water) special reward related. But in the multiplayer mode in your army will take your zodiac sign pattern.The game also set four important faith: primitive worship, Confucianism, Taoism and buddhism. These religious merge each other, form a whole. There is no conflict between religion and religion, the Chinese people take the different characteristics of these religions are extracted into their daily lives, we will be in the game to fully reflect the characteristics of. You must have some kind of belief of the public construction of the corresponding temples for their visit and see. In addition, as long as the of every hue real and unreal religion show enough respect, will allow for your city to summon a Chinese culture hero. Special skills: every hero during their stay and play a great role in city. For example, the grandson can assist you in the military aspects of Confucius, it can help you manage the city bureaucracy.Take care of every single thing personally game modeGame player plays the ruler of a province, the task is their city development as the first in the country. In the era of peace, you can with other city a reciprocal trade agreement or provide for the common defense system against external invaders Hun; in the Warring States period, the political situation has become very delicate, you can send a spy into hostile city to get information or the manufacture of subversion, with some powerful city alliance, forcing other small city to his tribute. In the "emperor" of the city construction, the makers of all the minor details, aspects to make game player hands. This means that whether the designated tax credits or ensure that the grain yield, Yang or you must personally to maintain a fight the invading army. Wild city builder heard this news will shout, "Impressions wise!" .The first to support the construction of game of network of warOver the years, Impressions city building game online organization has been seeking method based on Internet to battle, but they can do is just to his own game, to other users to share their own construction miracle. Now, Impressions announced that "the emperor" support the online battle, all the past will become a memory, on the Internet to show off your business talent!The game supports two to eight people for war, there are two different types of multiplayer missions: cooperation and competition. Cooperative task, namely game player who make concerted efforts to complete a common goal (such as the completion of the the Grande Canale that the history of China's engineering marvel). Only when all the game player has completed the goal after the task is finished. The competition task by any means, each game player to reach the highest standards specify victory standard.Each game player in the respective map building city, many maps on some resources usually consists of system develop. Game player who will be sent messengers through trade, sprinkles spies, interaction, of course, can also start a war.More than just what we know about the "emperor" of the scale claws, like image engine has been updated game, game player can bring larger than the previous 1/4 pictures, games AI enhancement, arms change...... These until now still secret, I believe this game listed, can bring us more pleasure![game]
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