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Sanctuary download
Type:Free Authorize:game Language:English Size:1221 MB Version:zip System:Win7/Vista/Win2003/WinXP Download Grade:★★★★☆ Release Time:2013-09-04 Downloads:415 Add
Game Description
The name of the game: Sanctuary (sacred)
Game type: RPG
Game Size: 1.19 GB
Production company: Ascaron
Game: Simplified Chinese language
Game system: PCGame description:In the past 8 years, Diablo (Diablo) defines the action RPG game type standard. Behind this type of works are basically in accordance with the blizzard in 1996 cut a demon in addition to strange ways. Sanctuary (Sacred) this from Germany Ascaron entertainment action RPG games still use the traditional formula, but Ascaron had promised to the game player, they will in this work show a huge, live, real world.Sacred games took place in the kingdom of Ancaria, 16 distinct regions contain hills, mountains and deserts, and villages and towns, dungeons and arena, etc.. Developers said that this is a real world, the system simulates the alternation of day and night. Every inch of land kingdom can explore game player, in order to facilitate travel, the game allows you to ride a horse or a battle on horseback, riding in addition to look cool outside, still can help you to get rid of the enemy.The game offers a total of 6 characters for you to choose from, respectively, the night elves Assassin (martial arts), Gladiator, Magus, wood elf Paladin, Seraphim and vampire. The vampire is a really interesting character, the day she looks no different from ordinary people, but at night it becomes a vampire, become more powerful and able to summon the wolf and the demon, and she can bite the enemy and turn them into loyal servant. In addition to these six characters, the game also provides more than NPC and the monster 300 different, including the dragon, the orcs, giant spiders, Hill giants. The game uses 2D background with 3D characters, and delicate style, if you use the roller enlarged view, you can see the details very carefully, can also narrow view, in order to understand the surrounding environment.Like Diablo, the sanctuary allows you to implement physical attacks and magic attacks, can equip their role types of weapons and equipment, those familiar with the RPG people of these seems to be an easy job to. Your magic library also recorded some like meteor shower that super magic. You can also customize their combination attack, but this requires you to town to hire a wizard. Each upgrade will give you the skills, you can follow the role development need to allocate.Sacred lays great emphasis on the task, the game provides 30 main tasks, developers said that there are over 200 quests, by completing tasks you can gain valuable experience, gold or special equipment. The game also supports multiplayer mode, we were told that the official version will support 16 people's versus mode and 4 online cooperative mode.

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