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Dynasty Warriors 5 download
Type:Free Authorize:game Language:English Size:1205 MB Version:zip System:Win7/Vista/Win2003/WinXP Download Grade:★★★★☆ Release Time:2013-06-19 Downloads:2103 Add
Game Description
The name of the game: the Dynasty Warriors 5
English Name: ShinSangokumusou 5
Game design: -Force
Publisher: KOEI
Language: Japanese game
Game type: ACT
Official website:Click to enterGame zone:Click to enter> 真三国无双5 下载专区">> > Dynasty Warriors 5 Download Area[note] finishedThis version of the V1.0 simplified Chinese official version, the translation level above 95%, the existence of individual rare cannot display and individual option is not a translation problem, but does not affect the normal operation of the game has been. We will carry out the last patch in the next few days.Instructions for use: (disk version)
Installation: unzip directly after the operation, the hard disk version does not contain any animation, with the original game player can install themselves animation fileUninstall: delete the game installation directory can be successfully uninstalledInstructions for use: (Chinese patch)
Installation: run SanGuoWS5_GBK.exe to install the patch[] finished production staff3DM finished (StudioHttp://
Technical support: r_ex, cold palace;
Translation: IoSK, laboratory, Michiru, I-mode, dog eye, mosquitoes were I bite, kick sticking with, xiaomingtc, Vikings storm, salted egg;
Special thanks to: Clear Sky Garden (SumiSora); network game player (Cngba)[statement]The game of Chinese English and English game patch only communicate with the game business copyright distribution firm all game learning, the working group to retain ownership of the translated text and the transformation program, retain all the right to explain.This patch has been 3DM studio tests many times, but for you in rare cases may be caused by using the patch data is not responsible for any damage or loss.
This patch allows arbitrary communication, but please retain the integrity of the above documents. M any person without the permission to modify the contents, system used for any commercial purpose, otherwise the consequences by the organization or individual to assume.The station and the work group members do not take any legal and joint and several liability. If you like this game, please buy genuine.For the game itself and finished the content of any comments and suggestions, welcome to 3DM Game Forum proposed and discussed! Address:Http:// 3DM studio2008.10.2[game]"Dynasty Warriors 5" is to honor the Dynasty Warriors series to date, is the next generation XBOX360 and PS3 "Warriors" series of the first, the glory has announced the PC "will be landing in Dynasty Warriors 5" will inherit the series of strategic action types, and add new "even dance system", show as kung fu movie action performance. Action and other role debut will be fully refurbished, strategic and telepresence battlefield will also increase, as "the ultimate action, the ultimate battlefield" for making concept, to reach a more evolved ikkitousen refreshing feeling[game]

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