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Deadly force collection download crack
Type:Free Authorize:game Language:English Size:3997 MB Version:zip System:Win7/Vista/Win2003/WinXP Download Grade:★★★★☆ Release Time:2013-11-25 Downloads:51 Add
Game Description
The name of the game: deadly force
English Name: Thunder Force
The types of games: chess
Gameplay: 3.90G
Production company: Han Tang
Language: Chinese[game]The game is set in half a century after the 2050 A.C. This generation has great progress in medicine, in combination with the large use of biochemical machinery and human body, and can completely replace the function of prosthetic limbs, artificial organs are no longer immune system limits...., body mechanical latest, even produced by the human body energy to drive, completely broke the barriers between mechanical and biological. This is the "biological science and technology.".The world situation, the total population accounted for half of the world's Asia, in the middle of the twenty-first Century has become the largest market in the world. Europe, America and other countries, to counter potential Asian competition, was forced to have formed an alliance, and alliance mechanism is elected as the center, developed a series of super high-tech technology, in an attempt to dominate the global market. In Asian countries with strong consortium, although have a vast development hinterland, and have their own competitiveness, but in the influence of public and political factors, only want to compete for short-term production market, unwilling to provide funds in the foreseeable future academic, research and development. Some far-sighted countries, emerging consortium, although want to absorb Europe, the alliance with the United States, but for Europe, the alliance with the United States deliberately closed high-tech industry and prove futile. The results, they are reduced to Asian economy in these countries go to war with each other, consortium, or even to the militaristic victim. Fortunately, at this time the United Nations still have considerable influence, how much can curb the formal war between nations, but not fully coordinate the conflict between the interests of the. In a ban on the use of normal force, but want to force the other yield constraints, hire "mercenary" has become the most appropriate means, this is the game. The mercenary life has always been a mystery, its arms are a source of top secret. But the vast majority of mercenaries, are "extreme" exclusive use of large weapons, such as tanks, helicopters, and tend to use portable, personal firearms. However often distress than small arms power shortage, so many mercenary risked using biological technology, will each part of his body modification. "" a powerful fighting force, this is the "modified soldiers" (CYBORG WARRIOR).Game system, this will be the diagonal 3D battlefield, unlike Yanlong plane of series. Resolution 640 x 480, 800 x 600 two. The music part of the lethal force, the first time made by Han Tang new music department. Based on the story of the game itself, the view of the time set in the near future, so music to belong to the partial "pop" and "dance" flavor, mainly in the hope the modern young game player taste; on the other hand, based on the game itself has a lot of tonality, bold interlude music. That is not common in domestic PC GAME. In the selection, we were very careful in choosing, hope game player playing different levels, can have different perception of music, and more could be incorporated in the plot and full of exciting battle atmosphere. Like the first and the second difference, the first words in order to exhibit closes leader personality and design a kind of electronic dance music mysterious; and the second for the plot twist, go and have steel and primitive tribal divide, although the same is pop music, but also have different feeling. If you are near future style game favorite game player, this is a suitable for your experience to make strong, believe you will also feel the game "fatal attraction".[instructions]* first install the game, according to the prompt to replace 2, 3, 4, cd;
* install CD1 Update directory of the upgrade file;
* change the game compatibility for windos 98 (Game.exe and TFSetup.exe);
* to start the game.The name of the game: deadly force 2 rebirth
English Name: Thunder Force2
The types of games: chess
Game capacity:
Production company: Han Tang
Language: Chinese[game]Remember the "CYBORG WARRIOR" for the first time a year ago, the group led by "death" of the fourth team? After the ghost soldiers destroyed underground base in general in success, once again received the command of the organization.... This time, they seem to be facing the mysterious and provoking more.... "The launch of two" seems to have been the game player expected, although the Han Tang told the outside world was revealed the news, but for the entire game source material and the style is very confidential. Why the mercenary soldiers life? What is the faithful and to fight for meaning? Their future decide on what path to follow? Was classified as top secret weapons? Members of the entry and exit from the mean?...... These "mystery" and "impact", will enable the warrior ghost soldiers suddenly! Because of all this will be in the "deadly force 2~ rebirth" answers....● "Metamorphosis" RPG & SLG, emergencies and plot compactIn "the deadly force two ~ away", the team tried to subvert the traditional game player thinking, let the story and plot development leading the game player into another field. "A brilliant SLG combat connotation is a story for the required process", that is to say, the game will be with the story line, of course, must pay attention to the dialogue. On the battlefield, placed a number of events and the props, props or not, will become an important key game player can go to the next level. Moreover, trigger events and not to hide, will affect the outcome. In addition to the event props, "one of the key organs" is also this puzzle, along the way, a number of game player agency, to think, some may be pure mathematics problem, some may be complex view of mobile... Design, these are a test of on-the-spot reaction game player'!● the ever-changing style 3D scene, let you walk the reality and the future of imaginationIn the not far from modern in 2050 will look like? Believe in contact with deadly force generation game player who had already felt the environment in the future are fresh, but the "born again", which seems to be not enough. And how background based on considerations, the production team in the reference, will be in real life elements in the transformation process do bold inference and hypothesis, and more research is made to set the scene. Is located in the inland forest century castle, buried in the vast expanse of yellow sand in the Millennium Monument, or sophisticated advanced construction technology... And so on, let it in the future world of reality and more delicate.● the ghost appeared! 3D animation depicts characters and the future force war real senseRemember the "deadly force" in the most radical and powerful animation? In the design of animation, the production team in script development, "people" to join the 3D animation, whether in the cinematography and describe feelings rhythm grasp atmosphere, coupled with the Han Tang music production sector unique style red music, true feelings can not lose the movie.
● logic combat new ideas ~ "four system" to consider the direction to fight the sense of reality and logic, "born again" battle mode, a new "four system", not only in the strategy and attack will significantly enhance the cloth is its depth, in strategy, a layer of more consideration. Game player in the attack, in addition to the enemy's attributes, "direction" must also be considered, in general, the enemy's weaknesses are behind, but there are exceptions, similarly, we also have directional weaknesses, so be careful when moving, moving, don't back at the enemy. In the properties, we have also done some adjustments, in the "born again", will appear and attack invalid situation, and even attack attribute error, let the enemy to absorb our attack power, and then turn negative reply attack value of life.The role of reproduction, personal rebirthThe original fourth teams not only complete, Captain, "death" and "Luna" female players will debut a new modelling. Moreover, the fourth squad also many new members - "dark moon" - indifference to almost silent role, good at high-speed leg wrestling match, like dancing very rhythm sense of the beautiful posture, give the enemy a beautiful but deadly attacks, and its agility and reaction to avoid external injury, is rather unique role. In addition, in the "deadly force" in another puzzling mystery: the role is also known as the Ghost Busters "Zhong Kui team" will once again appear. But this time, "Zhong Kui" appeared before the act and different, in the "two" of the task, they will be frenemies position, and that the former make enigmatic Kui captain, have the opportunity to become another new force party. In other aspects of our character, the other players in attack and special property on the more obvious than before, all players will be more strengthen specialty and importance of their. It is worth mentioning that, with the development of the story, let each role "Xifen" aggravated. Therefore, their personality will slowly float. Not alone, the mercenary soldiers background mystery will be "born again" exposure...![instructions]* first install the game, according to the prompt to replace 2, 3, 4, cd;
* the installation CD in the Update directory of the upgrade file;
* extract "tf2NOCD.rar" tf2.exe to the installation directory,
With the Symantec Client Security newspaper exempts the CD patch for the virus, add an exception after running, please have a look with other anti-virus software, and to consider whether to use;
* to start the game.[game]

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