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Dark star one (Darkstar One) full crack download
Type:Free Authorize:game Language:English Size:4320 MB Version:zip System:Win7/Vista/Win2003/WinXP Download Grade:★★★★☆ Release Time:2013-05-03 Downloads:6359 Add
Game Description
Fabric: 2006-08-14
Chinese Name: dark star one
English name:Darkstar One
Type: SIM
The manufacturer:Ascaron
Agency abroad:CDV Software Entertainment
The official home page:Official websiteClick here to enter"Before the dark star one" similar games there are many, but the "Privateer" trade route is too monotonous, repetitive content of "Freelancer" too much, "MegaTraveller2" do not take into account the details too big. "X2" there are too many times when all around in energy trading, nor speak good story. "Dark star one" also has its drawbacks, but it can make a balance in the story and freedom. With the large number of cutscenes, and the voice of words and actions is also quite good, after a careful design. Through into the game and at the same time, can let the game player interactive CG animation, the story line can be lively performance. An adventure will simply change across multiple stage Mini adventure, when you made the first progress, you will find that has been integrated into the plot, and hope to find out more.
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