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Championship Manager 2007 full crack download
Type:Free Authorize:game Language:English Size:324 MB Version:zip System:Win7/Vista/Win2003/WinXP Download Grade:★★★★☆ Release Time:2013-05-19 Downloads:59153 Add
Game Description
Development: Beautiful Game Studios
Issue: Eidos Interactive
Capacity: 1CD
Language: English
Platform: PC
Type: Sports
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"Analogy game management soccer best-selling Championship Manager" series and the new announced by Beautiful Game, Studio development of the "Championship Manager 2007" officially published today, Eidos announced that the game will be listed in the third quarter of 2006.

First of all, "Championship Manager 2007" the game interface will have a major adjustment, joined the new skin, new features and dynamic strake, ensure that cater to the operation habit of playing home without. The new "International Management" (International Management) mode can let the game player and unified management of all teams domestic (football or soccer league?) , the national team as a part of the world's biggest football tournament.

"Championship Manager 2007" added one new "game analysis tools", this tool can analyze the statistical data of each player and each game, such as the goal, to run, shoot, pass, tackle the rate of success and failure and so on, these data can help the game player more detailed understanding of the game let the game player, become a top-class manager.

In addition, "Championship Manager 2007" also uses a team talk mode, game player can through this mode to Yang table or criticise players, game player can be in every game before or during the first half of a team of deployment, but also can receive the feedback.

In a word, "Championship Manager 2007" to give more information to game player, game player can be more deeply involved in the management of the team, the football manager series trend is more and more detailed, more and more real, like "Championship Manager 2007" can give us advanced enjoy.

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